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 Green is the color of jealousy

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PostSubject: Green is the color of jealousy   Mon Sep 26, 2011 10:54 am

Luminescent green eyes eagerly watched their surroundings from beneath a shadowed hood, the host tilted his head down, causing the veil of shadow to further fall upon his face, hoping to hide his identity for at least awhile longer. An eager hand grasped at a mug on the wooden table in front of him, the ring on his ring finger clinked against the mug as his fingers wrapped themselves around it. After a moment of careful thought the man leant back into his chair and tilted his face upwards so he could better see the proceedings in the dark, dank and dusty pub.
The Pub itself was situated on the very edge of the city, bordering itself on the ‘civilized’ human world and on the murderous slums of the Slicer underworld. The word underworld is not to be taken lightly as the area that was eventually given for the Slicers used to be an abandoned underground city. The Underground city itself was never a pretty sight, but its location proved useful to the Slicers as the old city was built directly underneath the new one and many tunnels existed that allowed the Slicers to get in and out of the human city with ease.
The Pub however was situated a short walk away from an aboveground entrance to the Undercity, because of that the pub would usually have its fare shear of Slicer occupants and was generally avoided by humans, aside from the few that wished to recruit slicers for their services.

Green shifted uneasily in his seat, he hadn’t come this close to Slicer territory in three years. It made him uneasy, but at the same time he could feel his heartbeat quicken with excitement. The old contact he had found specified to meet him in the Haven pub at 8:30 PM. Green looked anxiously at the clock up in the corner before letting out a clearly agitated sigh ”He’s late” he thought to himself, forcing away the urge to leave and return to his usual routine.
What seemed to be half an hour passed by before a youth with an open slash to his face walked into the pub in an unusually cheery attitude before casually walking up to Greens table before sitting down, resting his feet up on a stool that lay to the side.
“You’re late.” Green growled, the youth chuckled, finding his statement quite funny. “Punctual as ever aren’t cha Paleface?” he said before pulling out an already crimson stained cloth and wiped his face with it, clearing away the blood from his wound. “Just ran into a bit of trouble is all old man.”
Green snorted at the boy’s retort. “Do you have what I sent for or not?” he said trying to restrain his clear agitation.
The Youth let out a sigh “One would figure that you at least learnt how to relax after being away for so long Paleface. But yea I got it.” The Youth cleaned his hands on a serviette before he dug around in his coat pocket. After a moment of searching he pulled forth and presented a small pack of papers devoid of any dirt, rips or flaws. Green outstretched his hand over the table and graciously accepted them before he quickly thumbed through the paper.
“Trace Kept them safe since you left. She seemed convinced you’d come back old man.”
“She’s too sentimental that girl. One of these days she’s going to get killed.” Green paged through the papers till he got to a much smaller one and stuck that one in his top pocket before placing the others in his side pocket. “I’d love to stay and chat but I have business to attend to.” He said with a sarcastic tone as he eased himself out of the uncomfortable pub chair.
“Don’t get killed now old man.” Said the youth in a mocking tone as he watched green walk away.

NOTE: The papers that the youth handed to Green are the pass papers the government implemented for the Slicers. More of a license than anything else the Slicer needs the “pass card” (the smaller card Green placed in his pocket) to enable them to move freely within the Undercity and conduct business topside. Without the Slicers pass any human or otherwise would be killed on sight upon entering the Undercity. The pass is a small form of protection that also doubles as a license to kill.
when the slicers started to work for the humans the death toll rose incredibly and so the government implemented the Slicers Pass, the pass itself stating that they may only kill those who jeopardize the contract made by the employer.
The reason why such a law was never overthrown was because of the tight grip the Undercity already had on the government. And constant threats of death and destruction do much to sway the decision of the helpless human.
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PostSubject: Re: Green is the color of jealousy   Wed Sep 28, 2011 5:57 am

Jason exhaled deeply after finishing off his bottle of whiskey, He had stopped drinking years ago but tonight was a special occasion. He had received his orders early that morning. His next assignment was not one he was looking forward to. Assume the identity of a splicer and join their ranks. He was never fond of undercover ops, Especially here lately. He lost too much when he went undercover. Every time he became someone else he kept a part of that identity no matter how hard he tried to push it away. But more importantly. He lost time with his growing family. He walked into his son's now unoccupied bedroom. He would be turning six in a few weeks, another birthday that Jason would miss. It was tradition it seemed, So far Jason had missed every single one, even his birth. A fact that his wife never let him forget. The had gone to stay at her mothers only half an hour ago and he already missed them. It amazed him how he wasn't used to this yet. Taking one last look around the empty house, He prayed to any deity that would listen to help him make it back home. He picked up his duffel bags, turned off all the lights and walked out the front door, locking it behind him. all while the disturbing feeling that he would never walk through those doors again was nagging at him.

A few hours after and the Wolf had taken over. no longer was Jason Rez a family man worried about missing his son's birthday or whether or not that son of a bitch that his wife worked with would try and make a move while he was gone. Now the only thing on his mind was finding work for a Splicer. Passing himself off as one would be easy. The cybernetic enhancements would take care of that. The cloaking and enhanced reflexes and strength wouldn't raise any eyebrows down here. Though the fact that he almost never took off his sunglasses while in public might. A small quirk that stayed even after the persona was long gone.

He knew the places that he should go, the people to meet, but for now he wanted to get a feel of the place. Hear the local rumors, lingo, and idle chatting. Hear who the movers and shakers were and find out who not to mess with. That was the easy part of the job really. All he had to do was walk the streets. Down here it wouldn't be too long before he found himself something interesting, or something interesting would find him.
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PostSubject: Re: Green is the color of jealousy   Fri Sep 30, 2011 8:06 pm

Two figures stood atop one of the numerous skyscrapers that dotted throughout Arsher. Both were young, probably only in their mid-twenties. One was a blonde with rough stubble covering his chin. He was dressed in a way to suggest that he was a tough, professional military type; though he might have tried a little bit too hard. In his hands he held an assault rifle, which looked expensive but didn’t look like it had seen much use. Over-all he gave an air of inexperience.
The second of the two men sat cross-legged on the parapet of the skyscraper, his eyes closed and expression blank, as if meditating, his long dark hair swaying slightly in the wind. A shotgun was slung over his shoulder and a handgun was strapped to his hip.
The blonde one leant over the parapet and whistle slightly at the drop “It’s a long way down. You did bring a parachute, right?” He asked, glancing at the man sitting peacefully, who in response snorted in amusement. “Parachute. Ha. Right.” He murmured, his eyes still closed. The blonde man turned to him and raised an eyebrow. “Zip line then?” He questioned and the dark haired man ignored him.
“Then how the hell are you going to get across? We’re two hundred metres up and it’s at least fifty to there!” he nearly shouted, his handing indicated the skyscraper across from them. “I’m going to jump” The dark haired man answered simply, as if the answer was obvious.
The other man shook his head in disbelief. “Are you serious, Curse? My boss has already paid you half in advance for this job. He’ll be pissed if you just end up as a pancake on the side walk!” This time he did shout. The man addressed as Curse opened his eyes and turned to glare at the second man. “Look mate; Remember who the fuck you’re dealing with, Right?” he snarled. “I’m a splicer remember. I’m not a wannabe merc like yourself. I get stuff done, which is why your boss hired me for the job and didn’t give it to you.” He continued as he slipped down from the parapet and crossed to the blonde man, who returned the glare for a few seconds then looked away in defeat.
“You just worry about getting a car in front of the main entrance when I’ve got the shit your boss wants so much. Now bugger off.” Curse finished and jerked his head towards the entrance to the stairwell. The blonde man muttered something under his breath and left the roof top, slamming the door to the stairwell behind him.

With the annoyance gone, Curse lent against the parapet and closed his eyes, going still. This meditation like technique was how he ‘recharged’ his ability, reducing the time in-between being able to use it.
After a few more moments of this meditation he opened his eyes again and glanced over the parapet, sizing up the distance between the roof top he was on and the floor of the next skyscraper which was his target. The floor which he intended to land on was the 35th, quite some way below. Grinning to himself, he paced to the other side of the roof.
“Three...Two...One...” him murmured under his breath then ran full pelt towards the edge of the roof he had previously been occupying. Reaching the edge, he nimbly jumped up onto the parapet and then sprang off the roof, sailing through the void between the two massive buildings before starting to plummet back to down to earth, momentum from his leap bringing him further towards the skyscraper as he fell.
Floors raced past him as he fell, making it hard to keep track of which one was which. Taking a guess as he became close to smashing into glass panes of the windows, he activated his ability. Controlling the direction of the charge he used it to propel himself the remaining distance between him and the building. During the charge he disappeared from sight, moving forward too fast for the eye to see, and smashed through the glass, slamming hard into the floor though the force field protected him from any harm from the broken glass and the impact from falling, and reappeared in a run, momentum from the charge making it hard for him to stop.
A security guard stared at him in absolute astonishment and was knocked to the floor as Curse used the momentum gained to shoulder charge him. Skidding to a halt, Curse took in a couple deep breaths then glanced around the room he was in. Further down the hall he spotted a pair of elevators and a door to a flight of stairs with a sign saying ‘33rd floor’ next to them. Curse swore under his breath then dashed down to the stairs just as alarms began to ring throughout the building.

Curse grinned, excited by the prospect of security forces heading towards him. This was probably one of the main difference been his speciality and theft. While a thief would try to avoid alerting guards to their presence, Curse would try to set off any alarms he could; just so he could enjoy the thrill of fighting. As he reached the doorway, it opened of its own accord, a security guard coming through. Curse response to this was, as he reached the door, to hit the door with a jump kick, slamming it into the guard, who fell back into the stairwell with a yelp of pain.
Curse paused against the doorframe, and listened; his enhanced sense of hearing picking up the faint sound of breathing from the other side of the doorway, about three more guards lying in wait for him to step through. Curse grinned to himself and glanced at the wall, working out from the sound where the guards were. Aiming at a certain point of the wall, Curse Blitz’d; cannoning through the bricks of the wall and slammed into one of the security guards, who was sent flying down the stairs along with fragments of the wall.
A second security guard went for his holster but didn’t get the chance to draw his gun as Curse dashed forward, one of his daggers appearing in his hand and slashed the guard’s throat. The third guard managed to draw his gun and aim it at Curse, who span around, round house kicking the gun from the guard’s grasp and followed it up with a sharp kick to the chin that knocked the guard over backwards unconscious.
Glancing quickly at the stairs, Curse groaned then began to run up them, heading towards the 35th floor. “Bloody stairs.” He complained as he sped up them. More guards stood at the top of the stairs, their guns drawn. With his left hand Curse drew several small throwing knives from his belt, holding them between his fingers and with a graceful flick of his wrist sent them flying towards the guards taking aim at him.
Two of the knives hit the closest guard, one in the wrist and one in the neck. He screamed then fell forwards, tumbling down the stairs. Another of the knives dug into the chest of the next guard and he too dropped. The remaining guards, taking no further chances, fired at Curse, who nimbly leaped onto the hand rail, evading the bullets, and from there towards the guards. Whilst in the air, with a well practise movement, he drew his handgun and returned fire, taking down two more of the guards. The single remaining guard managed to bring his gun up in time to shot at Curse, the bullet grazed his cheek, before Curse landed on him, bearing him to the ground.
After pistol-whipping the guard in the face to make sure he stayed down, Curse stood up, brushed himself off and headed towards the door leading to the 35th floor. Pausing for a second before the door, Curse reloaded his handgun then pushed kicked the door open, making sure to not actually go through it. A dozen or so bullets tore through the door and Curse chuckled to himself. “Not getting me that easily” he muttered to himself then moved over to the next flight of stairs and sprinted up them towards the next floor.
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PostSubject: Re: Green is the color of jealousy   Sat Oct 08, 2011 1:15 pm

Liam hated his current assignment, things would have been so much better if he could have just taken a job where he could protect people not some thrice damned computer. But everything had gone downhill for him since he had failed to protect a client from someone who hadn't even been in the equation until after he had successfully killed all those who had threatened his client and he was too exhausted to stop the newcomer from ruining his life. Now... even three months later, the only jobs available to him were sub-standard to his skill level and of low pay outs. A far cry from what he had grown accustomed too in his many years guarding the upper elite from those who wished them harm, but.... he needed the money. Money, it was the only thing that would assure he could successfully track down where his sister was being held and would mean the difference between getting to her alive or dead. Liam certainly wished to aim for the former of the two options, he had a promise to his father to keep after all.

Liam was shaken from his inner thoughts as the building alarms went off. Switching on the com affixed to his left wrist he heard the initial reports that someone had gotten past security and was making their way to the 35th floor. " What the hell! Someone want to tell me how in gods name somebody broke through all this security? " he growled then spat out " Wait.... never mind, don't answer that, I'm on my way... " suiting action to words Liam sprinted through the hallways of the 37th floor until he reached an open space that was both large enough for his needs and was near enough to the stairwell and thus to the action. Using his built up momentum Liam threw his weight forward sending his upper body into a leveled cartwheel until his left hand touched carpet then swung his legs into the air until they reached the apex of their movement. With his hand now in contact with a solid surface beneath it, Liam focused his thoughts and slowed the molecules of the surrounding area around it freezing it and making it fragile... breakable. With a grin Liam whipped his legs past their apex and they came crashing down, smashed through the floor and sent him tumbling to the floor below.

Landing on his feet in a crouch Liam drew his Beretta, leveled it at the stairwell, and sighted down the sights and flicked the safety off. " Alright whoever you are, you just picked the wrong place to rob. " Liam spat out then squeezed the handguns trigger as the lone figure burst through the stairwell and the weapon fired sending two rounds streaking towards his target. But he wasn't content to just stay there. Moving fast, Liam got up and ran for cover... firing several more rounds as he went.

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PostSubject: Re: Green is the color of jealousy   Sun Oct 09, 2011 3:40 pm

Green felt a sudden chill go down his spine as he neared the aboveground gates to the Undercity. the gates themselved used to be nothing more than two extrodinarily thick vault-like doors... until some "artistic" slpcer got ahold of them, making two twisted gardians of wrought iron loom over the gates, their hollow and haunted faces re-inforced as their mouthes were opened into a wide snarl. Practical joke or a warning to others it diddn't matter, the two twisted visious creatures fit the place and as such no one tried to remove or change the figures.
Green couldnt help but stop and give the sentinels a good long look as it had been three years since he had been close enough to see them. Green couldnt help but chuckle as he remembered in his earlyer days trying to mimic the figure of the sentinels for practice, after a moment he coked his head to the side and wiped those thoughts from his head as his rational and cold-blooded mind took over.
Green steeled himself and began to walk forward, albeit quite reluctantly. As he got even closer to the gates he pulled out his pass from his top pocket and walked casually up to a slicer lazily standing watch at the entrance. With a swift and almost unconsious movement Green flicked the card between his fingers, displaying the side with his credentials to the slicer who only gave it a quick glance before shrugging and motioning Green to enter.

With the first step out of the way Green placed the crd back into his pocket before shoving his hands into his coat pockets as he made a quick shuffeling movement down the first flight of stairs down into the Undercity. Green slowed his breathing as he decended, teh temperature growing colder with each level, soon the slow breaths he let escape from his lips turned into a light mist that trailed after him like a hidden spectar.
"Look like you got in ok, for ahwile i thought you weren't going to show." Green froze for a moment as the faint words entered his mind, easing up after he realised that it was Trace attempting to make contact. "don't mind me, not like i'm treading on thin enough ice here" he mumbled quietly under his breath, as his green eyes swayed to the side to catch a glimpse of what seemed to be a shadow that wafted its way from one pane of glass to another. The shape itself looked to be a vary vague outline of a woman, Trace obviously purposefully showing her shadow to green in an attempt to make him feel slightly more at ease. "you worry too much. come to think of it you think too much too."
"If not for thought foolish girl slicers would have been eliminated long ago. If nothing else slicers have a unique way of thinking." he said again in a hushed whisper.
"you havn't changed one bit have you. Things have changed down here a bit... so bare with me a little. I'll have to be your eyes for now."
Green stopped his slow advance and looked blankly infront of him. "changed how..." his tone sounding more aggressive than he had meant it to.
"its just become a little more savage than what it was 3 years ago is all granpa..."
Green continued walking, this time at a less suspicious pace. "Whats new..."
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PostSubject: Re: Green is the color of jealousy   

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Green is the color of jealousy
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