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 SW: Hard Spiral Innovation, Storyline: MUST READ!!!!

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PostSubject: SW: Hard Spiral Innovation, Storyline: MUST READ!!!!   Thu Mar 10, 2011 2:35 pm

Now, the premise of this roleplay is fairly strait forward. It deals with a "What If Scenario", in short the Rp takes place in a alternate universe where the single most important character to the star wars universe is taken out of the equation. Namely the tragic death of the young congressman from Naboo, one Representative Palpatine in a landspeeder accident. Due to this untimely death many events simply never happen, for example the clone wars were never fought and the empire never came to power. The Republic would have continued on, it's gradual growth would have seen much of the corruption and political stagnation rise to withering heights. What's more, the Jedi Order once the beacons of justice and hope for the Republic were on the decline, now some 300 years later the order is in chaos and the Republic was forced to create a standing military to keep the peace. What will transpire now no one can say for sure, for many the growing conflict amongst what remains of the Jedi Order threatens to destroy everything they hold dear, for others the corruption of the Republic Senate will push them to the breaking point. Meanwhile those who live on the other side of the law now live during a golden age of ruthlessness and wealth.

The way this Rp will work is rather simple. In order for this rp to be as long lived as possible I've decided to make this thing as open to you as possible, which means most stories will be posted by you and will be posted in a chapter style format... or if you prefer it will be posted in small storyline arch's. These stories are up to you the Rp'er, you get to post them and carry the stories as far as you'd like or decide where they go or what happens in them. Groundbreaking I know....So have fun with it and see you in verse.

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SW: Hard Spiral Innovation, Storyline: MUST READ!!!!
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