A Tale forgotten, A Tale retold.
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 Talos Valor: Storyline

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PostSubject: Talos Valor: Storyline   Mon Oct 01, 2012 12:27 am

They called us their super soldiers. They who created us for their war with an enemy as vicious and warlike as their own. They called us their last hope of survival and salvation, and so we fought and we died with absolute belief in our conviction that we could turn the tide in their favor. But we came too late, the war had gone beyond the line of no return and everything we had bled for was lost. The colonies were overrun, the capitol was destroyed, and the Republic... It became a burning corpse.

But there is yet still hope, a few of our number have survived to continue the fight. There is yet one place where we are free. Talos... our birthplace... our home. We will fight till none are left to protect it, but if it should come to that, we will make them pay so dearly they will never think to wage war so lighty ever again.

They called us their children, and in their memory do we fight, for our survival we must now band together and turn back the tide so that we may have a future of our very own. Even now, the battered remains of a republic fleet orbits Talos. Their goal, to get all available men and women aboard to ground before the enemy arrives. Once down, we will be ready. Once down, we will have the upper hand.

For we are Valoran, and there will be hell to pay!

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Talos Valor: Storyline
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