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 Talos Valor: RULES--MUST READ!!!

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PostSubject: Talos Valor: RULES--MUST READ!!!   Mon Oct 01, 2012 3:10 am

Ok, these are the rules for Talos Valor. They can and will be changed by me as I see fit.

I also retain the right as GM to overrule rules 3 & 4 as needed, mostly this will only pertain to the need to move the story along or if people can no longer post due to another roleplayers absence.

A little more on rule 5, the variance in the post count is determinate upon the severity of the stun blast. For example a slight graze will probably do nothing more severe than numb the affected area for a little while, where as a close-in range shot to the torso will most likely knock your character out for the full five posts. Keep in mind there are tricks to either get around this completely or to limit the damage time, such as a good set of energy resistant armor will most likely reduce the amount to say two posts. I consider this rule to be fairly broad and will generally let you make the judgment call as to the stun blasts severity, all I ask in return is that you use fair judgment and if your unsure as to how severe the post count should be....ask me and we can come to an acceptable amount.


1) No godmoding.
2) No god-clipping. (in other words there's no such thing as unlimited ammunition, use realistic ammo consumption please)
3) No controlling another persons character. (unless they give their consent)
4) No killing another person's character. (unless they give their consent)
5) Those hit with stun blasts can post again after Zero to Five posts. (read above to learn more)
6) There is a Two Post minimum before a grenade goes off (note: you can avoid this by 'cooking' the grenade for a post then throwing it on the next)
7) Please keep Character Pic's no larger than 800H X 600W or instead link or thumbnail them.

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Talos Valor: RULES--MUST READ!!!
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