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 Fallen Blade: Storyline--MUST READ!!!

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PostSubject: Fallen Blade: Storyline--MUST READ!!!   Mon Mar 28, 2011 12:35 am

After countless centuries of living among the shadows, the paranormal have been revealed to the public at large as being all too real. In most cases they actually control the world at large. Many flock and cower to these monsters but some have chosen to fight, enter the normal, semi-normal and un-normal, people either trained or completely ignorant in how to fight them as they struggle to survive against this new menace. As the paranormal hunts and wages war against those who fight, small cells of resistance are popping up everywhere and grow daily to the chagrin of the current ruling class.

For the vampiric noble house Aba'Bacen times are tough. Just when the High Council has granted their family with the land that they've been after for generations they learn that holding onto that territory will be far harder then they ever suspected due to the interference of small upstart resistance groups, chief among them the group known as Fallen Blade.

For the upstart resistance group known only as Fallen Blade things are looking up, except perhaps their current death toll when it comes to new members. Despite this they are quickly gaining ground and starting to turn into a halfway decent underground gorilla operation hellbent on liberating their coastal city of Bastian from it's vampiric overlords and taking it to the offensive in their war against the Aba'Bacen Family.

The way this Rp will work is rather simple. In order for this rp to be as long lived as possible I've decided to make this thing as open to you as possible, which means most stories will be posted by you and will be posted in a chapter style format... or if you prefer it will be posted in small storyline arch's. These stories are up to you the Rp'er, you get to post them and carry the stories as far as you'd like or decide where they go or what happens in them. Groundbreaking I know....So have fun with it and see you in verse.

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Fallen Blade: Storyline--MUST READ!!!
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