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 Outreach: Storyline

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PostSubject: Outreach: Storyline   Fri Apr 22, 2011 2:31 am

For countless centuries the Order of Valkyre have served as the Republic's elite guardians, however nothing lasts forever as growing corruption within their order has forced many out of their ranks and continues to further weaken itself by eliminating those who still cling to the old beliefs. The events of which could by countless ripple effect bring the Republic in dangerous peril of a new and unseen enemy that could bring the large empire to it's knees if something isn't done to prevent it. Despite these dangers the long reigning emperor of the Republic, His Imperial Majesty Emperor Aloran the XXII refuses to entangle himself or his house in the affairs of the Valkyrian Order while he still holds power, but not everyone agrees with the beloved ruler or his decision to keep the Order's politics seperate from his own or involved with the Republic at all.

Among those in opposition to the emperor is his son Dranik Ty'rii, a man well known for his being a war hero and for his charisma but who holds a dark secret in his past that will threaten everything his father has strived to accomplish in his four hundred and seventy two year rule of the Republic. In these uncertain times the fate of the Republic and of the Imperial throne will depend on the actions of those few who will rise up out of obscurity and reach for their rightful destiny.

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Outreach: Storyline
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