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 Outreach: Races

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PostSubject: Outreach: Races   Fri Apr 22, 2011 5:24 pm

These are the available races to choose from in Outreach. I hope to add more as time goes on and if you have any suggestions for either more races let me know... I might just add them or if you have any further questions about any of the pre-existing races feel free to ask me.

Greater Races:

Eridani: The Eridani are the most numerous and influential of the greater races, and are also the bedrock upon which the Republic was founded. As a long lived humanoid race they can on average live up to four hundred and twenty to five hundred years, at record the oldest Eridani that ever lived was five hundred and thirty two at the time of her death.

Ji'Ghar: The most fearsome of the greater races within the Republic, the cat-like Ji'Ghar can often be seen in a Republic Military or Civil Protection Uniform due to their strong warrior upbringing and sense of honor. Despite being the shortest lived of the greater races they are perhaps the strongest and most agile, it is due to these traits that the emperor has almost exclusively chosen Ji'Ghar for his personal bodyguards.

Tr'wa: Renowned for their intellect the ape-like Tr'wa are perhaps the most important of the greater races providing a much needed scientific and cultural scope to the Republic, they're also the longest lived race with an average life span of seven hundred years, due to this longevity their numbers are relatively small in comparison to the Eridani and Ji'Ghar.

Lesser Races:

Hellden: The Hellden can be found out on the edge of Republic space. Relatively humanoid, their hair tends to take on a almost neon shade of color. In addition they have a shorter life span than the Eridani but are much more durable. Due to the Hellden's disinterest and general lack of respect for the Republic the two sides have often been at war with each other, however due to their more primitive technology and fewer numbers the Hellden have often found themselves on the losing side of such engagements.

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Outreach: Races
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