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 Outreach: Order of Valkyre

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PostSubject: Outreach: Order of Valkyre   Sun Apr 24, 2011 5:07 pm

The Order of Valkyre was first established in the year 3127 AR by the first openly known group of higher evolved Eridani in the Republic after the legendary republican General Arindas Valkyre and his teachings of honor and conduct on the battlefield in times of war. However as time passed the Order grew in size and scope and has seemly lost sight of Valkyre's original vision of what those with evolved genetics could accomplish in the name of protecting his beloved Republic and the Imperial throne, while powers and abilities defer greatly in talent and skill they also defer in control making it difficult to train new students if their too old at the time of induction into the Order.

Author's Note*

The Valkyre are in layman's terms Outreach's variation of Star Wars' Jedi. Both Orders have the same style of hierarchy within them but similar distinctions end there, as there is no such thing as a grand good vs. evil at work or a all encompassing supernatural power or light/dark side to abilities.

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Outreach: Order of Valkyre
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