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 Outreach: Imperial Royalty -- The Ty'rii family

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PostSubject: Outreach: Imperial Royalty -- The Ty'rii family   Mon Apr 25, 2011 7:18 pm

The Ty'rii family first ascended to the imperial throne in 2269 AR after a massive war was fought for supreme dominance of the Republic between the Eridani and the Ji'Ghar. Using the massive losses of both sides to his advantage Aloran Ty'rii seized control in a military coup d'├ęta and consolidated his power within the weeks following the bloody revolution. Now in the year 5236 AR, the Imperial family has grown to hold 32 noble houses in all starting with the prefix Ty' in their surname with only those of direct parental lineage to the Emperor allowed to use the suffix rii in their surname and due to Aloran the XXII's love of procreation he has produced a great many children, at last count the Imperial family has a grand total of 143 Princes and Princesses floating around the Republic, many of whom can be found in a military uniform.

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Outreach: Imperial Royalty -- The Ty'rii family
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