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 Kinetica: Storyline

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PostSubject: Kinetica: Storyline   Fri Jul 08, 2011 8:04 pm

Few things have changed mankind more than the Bio-Neural Interface. Known by it's accronym of B.n.I. or by it's street name of Benni the device can be found implanted into nearly every citizen in the solar system. The question has always been not what can it do but what can't it do. But even then it always had it's limits.... until now. Now rumors abound about those who's power are greater than the norm... about those who're faster, stronger and smarter than a B.n.I should make them be. While few in number these select individules termed *Kineticas* possess powers and abilities beyond the reasonable expectations given by B.n.I.'s premiere production company Montross Industries. Greedy for the secret which makes Kineticas possible Montross Industries will do whatever it can to aquire those who seemingly have inherited the power and abilities of a Kinetica... even as so far as to hunt them down with shock troops and taking them alive is not necessary.

In order for their very survival, those hunted will have to band together if they are to have any chance of escaping the long reach of Montross Industries unrelenting iron grip.

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Kinetica: Storyline
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