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 Kinetica: Terms & Tech

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PostSubject: Kinetica: Terms & Tech   Fri Jul 08, 2011 9:29 pm

In this topic you will find descriptions for the various terms and technology in Kinetica.

Bio-Neural Interface: The Bio-neural Interface or B.n.I./Benni is a device that is implanted into the base of its users neck and upon its installation vastly increases the users reaction time, builds muscle mass making them stronger and develops the users cognitive pathways making them smarter. In addition many useful features and applications can be run via a B.n.I.'s HUI making it extremely versatile and counted upon technology.

HUI: HUI or Holographic User Interface is an extension to and by product of a users B.n.I. and with it a user can control or monitor just about anything and everything.

API: API or Advanced Personality Intelligence are high tech artificial intelligence's that are near sentient and free-thinking as possible without breaking their programming. It is rumored that there are API's out there who've broken their base programming and have entered into true states of sentience... though this is often considered just a myth by the masses at large.

Kinetica(s): A Kinetica is someone who has by some unknown means managed to grow beyond the limits of a B.n.I.'s capabilities and become something else entirely. The overt difference between a Kinetica and a normal user is simple... they're faster, stronger, and smarter then normal. Then there is the matter of their special abilities... many Kineticas have displayed pseudo-psionic abilities such as the ability of magnetism which can mimic telekinesis to the untrained eye. According to Montross Industries R&D division the exact range of possible abilities a Kinetica might show has yet to be determined.

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Kinetica: Terms & Tech
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