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 Kinetica: Face of the Enemy

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PostSubject: Kinetica: Face of the Enemy   Mon Jul 11, 2011 7:23 pm

The various different forms of Montross Industries private security force.

High-Level Shock Troopers -- They often act as riot suppressionists or breach operatives.
High-Level Demolition Operatives -- Used for explosive work whether they are using them or disarming them.
High-Level Officers -- The core of any Montross high-level shock team, they are integral to the successive nature of any mission they embark on.
Low-Level Shock Troopers -- The standard grunt of Montross Industries security forces, their greatest strength is their rather large numbers.
Low-Level Shock Troopers/Officers -- The same as above minus the mask but are also possibly low-level officers in charge of a low-level shock team.

And a typical example of a member of Montross Industries private elite Spec-Ops unit.

Spec-Ops Trooper -- Used for only the most dangerous of targets, these are the least often used type of members of Montross Industries private forces.

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Kinetica: Face of the Enemy
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