A Tale forgotten, A Tale retold.
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 About my recent absence...

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PostSubject: About my recent absence...   Sun Jul 31, 2011 1:22 am

Well it's time for a little tale about why I was gone for several days. It all started on Tuesday when the new graphics card arrived and it's installation and my subsequent gameplaying took up a day of being gone. Then on day two when my dad was getting his chance to enjoy the benefits of the new card.... we got hit by a rather nasty virus, after some debate it was decided to try a F10 ( Which is a process by which some one can get the benefits of a system restore should they be unable to access said feature for whatever reason. )... but due to my having compressed the system drive at a prior point in time this year in order to save drive space so the computer could run faster it came back to bite us in the ass and we were unable to do the F10. Our only option left to us was to do a full F1 ( A process by which you put the computer to a complete factory reset. )... Which means every last bit of data was scrubbed from our HD and we're starting again from scratch. Thankfully it wasn't a complete loss as a lot of stuff had been saved to my EHD prior to being hit by the virus but we were still missing a lot of stuff that I and my dad have been re-acquiring for the last couple of days... and saving to the EHD for future use should we need them again.

Of Course there's still a lot to do but we're pretty much back to standard operating procedure again as far as things go around here. So I hope to catch you all later.

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About my recent absence...
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