A Tale forgotten, A Tale retold.
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 Green: Storyline

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PostSubject: Green: Storyline   Sun Sep 18, 2011 6:40 pm

Green is the color of Jealousy…

… and red is the color of bloodshed.
Both colors and acts have a great pull on our world. As sick as it may seem some people even take advantage of this and provide services to enable a person to sate their needs of envy, greed, jealousy, gore, bloodlust and killing. Throughout the ages, individuals such as myself have existed, individuals with skill and perhaps some with unparalleled and… unique ability. We’ve been called many things over the ages depending on how we acted or what abilities we possessed, we’ve been called mages, monsters, shape shifters, nightmares, myths, ghosts and perhaps just about anything you might name something that goes bump in the night.
Let me get back to the point, to the truth that has now become apparent to most of the known world. Our kind, now unaffectionately known as Slicers have been discovered to be little more than the result of freak errors in our DNA, causing us to have these “abilities”. Even when the world finally got that through their thick skulls things didn’t get any better for our kind, but it did open up a few doors. We provided the perfect muscle for companies who wished to protect, or acquire items of interest, and so gave birth to the green/red era.
Slicers then became the new mercs of this world, fueled by their own desire for power and money, the more successful jobs you get, the higher your ranking became with other Slicers, and the higher your ranking became the more viable a target you became for up and coming Slicers. A vicious cycle without a doubt where the only way out is death.

This system worked pretty well for awhile, getting new people into the top ranks and taking care of the weaklings who cared to interrupt our cycle. This was until someone, somehow discovered how to make Slicers. The new blood began an intense power struggle within our ranks.
Our story only really begins a few weeks before the new-bloods started to pop up. And by the way, ironically as it is, names green and if you haven’t noticed by now, I’m a Slicer.

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Green: Storyline
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