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 Green: Setting

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PostSubject: Green: Setting   Sun Sep 18, 2011 6:41 pm

Setting: The setting takes place in Arsher, a large city not unlike New York. Arsher has its high-rise apartments, business districts, slums and wealthy districts. However under the city is yet another city, now only known by the name Undercity. Not the most creative of names but it serves its purpose. The Undercity is riddled with passages that lead topside to every district imaginable, the tunnels make it easier for the Slicer to get the job done, that and no human will willingly follow a Slicer to the Undercity, not unless they have a pass.
The Pass is described in more detail in the first post.
The Undercity is a dark and mostly dangerous place where law is more of an afterthought. The only humans that dare venture into the Undercity are either there on business or are brave, stupid, suicidal, or simply have no other possible place to go.



PS: i will add more as needed send a PM if you have ideas

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Green: Setting
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